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Mobile industry is growing in leaps and bounds , the evolution of smart phones is defining the whole mobile industry now. The combination of smart mobile phones and the internet is proving to be very important these days for the people who want to perform a lot of important tasks through their mobile phones in their day to day lives.
According to some statistics, around 40% of the YouTube’s videos are watched on mobile phones and that is a huge number. This is one of the examples to show you the popularity of mobile phones and the use of internet to perform certain required tasks
The marketers who are looking to promote their businesses on the internet cannot ignore mobile phone industry as a marketing platform; after all, it is the place where their target audiences are. People use their phones to search a lot in order find the information they are looking for and therefore, it becomes very important that your website is found on the search engines like Google through mobile searches and that is why all the websites using mobile as their platform to connect with their target audience need search engine optimization (SEO).
There are three versions of a mobile website possible technically and the SEO of each of the version will vary in terms of the activities to be performed. These versions are as follows:
Responsive Version:
In this version your website is responsive to all the platforms and gadgets on which it will run. Therefore, a responsive website will have a single URL but will adjust its layout and the structure according to the platform on which it is being run. This is the most preferred version by Google.
Dynamic Version:
This version of your website will have the single URL but the content will be all together different when the website is run on mobile and desktop. This could prove to be useful for the websites which are heavy in terms of content in their desktop version and loading all the content on the mobile could affect the loading time, therefore, in this scenario, it is better to use content which is tailor made for the mobile website. But it is technically harder to implement and manage.In this scenario, the SEO will be different as the content is different. We have certain SEO methodologies for such a scenario.
Separate Mobile URLs Version:
This is traditional way of building a mobile version of your website. In this case the content will be different as well as the URLs. It will be all together a separate website made for the mobiles only.This version will need a different SEO methodology to get on top in mobile search results.Although Google keeps your website’s desktop version and the mobile version together in its index and searches the website from the same index, but still there are certain factors which a mobile version of the website requires to be worked upon in order to make that mobile version website highly mobile search friendly.
The factors which hold a high significance to get a mobile version of a website to rank better in mobile search results are as follows:
Responsive Design:
It is of utmost importance that your website responds well when run on mobiles, the best way to achieve this starts as early as the website designing process starts. A website design which is responsive suits search engines like Google the most. A responsive design adjusts itself to fit the mobile (small) screen the best and it also runs effectively on other platforms or gadgets such as tabs, laptops/ desktops/palmtops etc. It serves the same content.
It Responsiveness of a website according to the gadget or platform on which it is running and the same content presentation makes the website high user friendly and that is what Goolge likes.
Website Loading Speed:
Speed plays an important part on mobiles; a website which loads quick on mobiles, adds to the user experience even more and hence gets added advantage over other websites which are not as fast.It is very important that a mobile should not have files which are heavy or which may prove to be big hindrances in improving its loading speed.
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