August 9, 2016


It has been in the news that the search engine giant has confirmed that they are working on making Penguin Update happen continuously. Which means that the update will run on its own and will not require manual interventions. This could all take a few months as it is huge load of work even for Google’s reliable search team :-).

Wondering what will happen when this fierce algorithm update of Google will be happening continuously?

Worried? Well! do not worry if you are not a spammer and hell ya, worry about it if you are. This is certainly what the doctor ordered for the search industry, in fact for the Internet as a whole. This will further reduce the spam from the search and such unprecedented algorithm improvements by Google have a huge impact on the spam spread on the entire Internet.
What should you do as a website owner?

1) Just keep up the good work, provide people with the right information through your website and think about making the users’ life easy on your website.

2) Use some reliable SEO analysis tools to get an idea of the overall SEO health of your website and improve upon the areas that tools suggest to improve. Highly recommended is Google Webmaster Tools.

3) Write more about your services/ products and share some valuable information with your users.

4) Just sit down, take a cup of coffee or tea and try to think about new ideas for reaching out to your audiences. On yes, it is also a part of SEO, in fact, it is part of a Holistic SEO Approach.

For more information on Google’s efforts to make the Penguin Update happen continuously, please follow this link on Search Engine Land.

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