September 11, 2015


One of the major reasons responsible for the rise of spam on the internet is low quality backlinking, every activity on the internet carried out by an internet marketer, a businessman or a webmaster seemed to be having a sole aim of getting backlinks. Backlinks were necessary to rank high on Google’s search result pages (they are still very important), but where everybody missed the trick was the fact that nobody gave much importance to the quality of back links being made, all that was important was quantity of backlinks. There was a simple thinking “the more the backlinks, the better it is”. Well, it is needless to say that it was not really correct.

The main problem in back linking phenomenon till now

It’s a small observation here which I noticed and thought of, the main problem responsible to link spamming is the whole link building infrastructure. The infrastructure was not at all conducive to encourage high quality link building and to a major extent, there is still not much improvement in the overall infrastructure of link building, there are curbs and penalties for link spammers of-course.

Let me explain you, how the link building infrastructure have not been conducive enough to encourage high quality link building. Actually, there have always been more link builders (people who require back links) than the link providers and that is the main flaw in the whole link building infrastructure. Such infrastructure where the following points are valid had always link spamming on the cards, the points are:

1. Back Linking is and was one of the most important factors in getting top rankings on Google
2. Link Builders/ people who require back links were and still are more than the link providers
3. Lack of rigorous algorithm against spammers from Google’s end (although, presently, the situation in this regard is much better with the advent of Google Penguin. But it came when spamming turned huge).

If all of the above mentioned points were contemplated upon before, then there would have been a different story and that too a good story, may be. May be, Google would have something in this regard, cannot say anything about it.

The possible solution

Although Google has already come with unprecedented update to keep a curb on the link spammers, Google’s algorithms changes and updates like Google Penguin have done wonders in reducing the amount of link spamming on the internet but along with such measures, there is one more step Google or any other authority on the internet could take and that step will be nothing but “building an infrastructure which is conducive for quality link building”

How can such an infrastructure be built?

Well the answer to this question could be that, there is a need to motivate website owners or webmasters to encourage “Outbound Linking” which has never been focused upon but is very useful even from user’s perspective. The following are some of the advantages of encouraging “outbound linking”:

1. Useful for users/ searchers: A user who visits a website in order to find certain information returns to the search engines again if he/she does not find the correct information, this process adds to his/her investment in terms of time and efforts. What if he/she visits a website to find some information and has the options of finding relevant links (which are pointing to another high quality website) to that information on the very same website? It will be great, isn’t it? This will certainly save the extra efforts if he/ she find the information on the very same website.

2. Improved Image and trust: If a searcher/ user comes to your website and he finds the information without necessarily searching the search engines again, it will add to your image and develop a sense of trust in the mind of the user that he/ she never gets disappointed on visiting your website for some information.

This strategy of encouraging out bound link building will result in increased link providers, which is a great sign, because then, website owners with high quality websites will have many options to build backlinks and at the same time, they could give back links as well. Don’t talk about dilution of Page Rank here, because it will not help. There is a need to spread the work that outbound linking can also be a great strategy for providing users with great experience. But having said all that, there is still a need to keep a curb on things, as they say, too much of anything is always bad.

I see semantic web adopting this idea and its great.

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