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If your website works and looks great on mobiles then you have got a great deal, because such a great website will be liked by users and since it will be liked by users, it will be a star for search engines, especially Google. The websites which are user friendly and are liked by users will certainly do wonders when it is about ranking high on the search engines like Google.
So, it is inevitable that you have a great website, which is preferred by users, an exquisite piece of art can prove to be a wonderful instrument to increase your business in leaps and bounds through the internet.
There are basically three categories of mobile website designs feasible and they are as follows:
Responsive Website Design
Under this type of design, the website will have a single URL and the same content but the website layout and the structure will be adjusted every time it is run on a mobile phone or any other device with small or big screen, that’s why it is called a responsive design. Responsive website design is preferred by search engines as it is highly user friendly, user will have the same URL and the same content when he or she visits the website from any possible device be it mobile, desk top or a tab.
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
We provide extensive QA and cross-browser testing with every healthcare industry website design we create.
What is Responsive Web Design?
Dynamic Design Website
In this type of design, the URL will remain same but the content will be different from the desktop version of the website. This design is an option when you do not want your desktop version website’s content to be shown to mobile version website because of certain reasons which will make the mobile website user experience bad.
One of the reasons could be that, the desktop website’s content is too heavy and transferring the same content to the mobile website will prove to be a big impediment in the smooth functioning of the mobile website, therefore, there is a need for new content in such a scenario. Here, a lot will depend on the creativity of the mobile website’s design.
  • Larger buttons that are easier to push
  • Easier-to-read font sizes
  • Mobile-optimized layout
  • Better rankings in Google mobile search results
Hardcore Mobile Website Design
In this case, the website design and the content will both be different than the desktop version of the website. This website will be treated as different website altogether, it will have a mobile version of the URL and a tailor made design for small screens or mobiles. There is not so much difference in dynamic design type and mobile website design type in terms of literal designing strategy. In both the cases, we will have to design a website layout for the mobile, so that the required content can be put and exhibited impressively on the mobile screen and the user has the best experience navigating through the website on mobile.
We at WTM understand our client’s business and requirements, based on that we prepare the strategies for designing and development of mobile website designs for them. We also, understand the fact that, when it comes to designing a mobile website, it has to be highly customer focused and that is the sole reason, that we put every possible effort on making our client mobile website highly user friendly and easy to operate.
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