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Initial SEO Analysis

Initial SEO analysis of a website is done to know the limitations and flaws it has in terms of SEO. This is an important part of formulating an appropriate SEO strategy.

Formulation of SEO Strategy

Once a detailed SEO analysis is done, based on that, a suitable SEO strategy is formulated for your website. It is exactly as per the requirement of your website.

Strategy Implementation

Once the strategy is formulated, it needs to be smoothly implemented as well. Implementation will involve working of our team dedicatedly on your website.

Results and Strategy Evaluation

Results will be measured and analysed and then the strategy is also put under a scanner to find out what worked and what did not. This is the best approach to achieve great results.


After the evaluation of the strategy and the results, revisions are done based on the findings of the study. These revisions will make the SEO strategy even more foolproof.


Reports are prepared of all that has been done for the website and sent to our client so that he/she can keep a curb on our performance and the deliverables.

In today’s search industry scenario, contemporary seems to be synonymous with the word semantic search. Semantic search is the search of present and future, making the end user, the king. With the advent of semantic search comes the notion that, the website owners and webmasters need to focus on the end user of the content more than anything else in the world.
Keywords and backlinks taking a back seat but are still very important for search engines like Google, they are not redundant at all, having said that, there are other important factors that are taken into consideration in order to find which website should be presented to the searchers or the end users when they are searching for a certain information or an answer. Searcher’s intent is the focused highly here.
Semantic search is an unprecedented change Google has introduced in its algorithm, the fresh algorithm also known as Humming Bird is one of the most talked about topics on the internet. Semantic search is the core of hummingbird algorithm and it encourages the webmasters and the business owners to focus on the end user, the most.
The advent of semantic search has changed the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry radically, there should be a holistic approach to SEO now, in fact, the boundaries of SEO have broadened and SEO has become pervasive, integrating with other important internet marketing or promotion tools.
A holistic and a semantic approach to SEO include the following internet marketing tools
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • On-Page SEO
In fact, even these tools are interrelated. Our equation of holistic SEO is as follows
The holistic SEO Equation
H = OS +CM + SMM
H = Holistic SEO, OS = On Page SEO, CM= Content Marketing, and SMM = Social Media Marketing
There are two reasons why holistic SEO includes content marketing and social media marketing, those reasons are as follows:

Content marketing helps in disseminating high-quality user-focused content all over the internet, so that, users get the best of the information when they are searching for it. Content marketing even covers social media networks.

Social media marketing helps in confirmation of the authority and veracity of the content and it makes the content dissemination process very simple and quick. This helps in making the search results accurate, verified and quick. Basically, the results quality improves.

Never say “No Strings Attached” because in semantic search, the strings play a vital role and they are certainly attached
Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is based on semantic search and the brain of semantic search is Google’s Knowledge Graph and knowledge graph is based on entity search and in entity search, strings are certainly attached. See below, how?:
An entity is a person, a place or a thing, and the knowledge graph is a graph of relations, the connections and interconnections between entities. This graph keeps on growing by developing more relations, connections and interconnections every minute.
Because of such strong and widespread connections and relations between the entities, there came into existence an important component of semantic search that can prove to be really useful for the searchers or the end users. This component is called serendipitous search, which means that, searchers will be able to find the results or the information that they are not exactly searching for, but is important to them in order to provide them with the best possible information or the answer.
Simply put, serendipitous search results are surprising but useful findings by the searchers. Semantic search is able to provide serendipitous results because of the connections and relations between the entities. Isn’t it great? It’s awesome!
Authority and Veracity in SEO
A holistic presence on the internet is important but it also important that your presence is verified in order to build authority. The content that cannot be verified for identity or authorship will not be a strong candidate for the consideration by the search engines, especially Google.
The simple logic is, if you are not verified in any way, how can you expect your content to be verified or authorised, who will be assigned with the responsibility for such content and if there is no responsibility, quality of search results will be affected and then there will be again spamming and it is the last thing on earth a search engine like Google wants.
The Semantic Way
Search is evolving continuously, modern search is here to give searchers the best information they are looking for, effortlessly. It is the era of answer engines rather than search engines. The recent algorithm change by Google, which is also known as “Hummingbird” is an unprecedented change the search engine has ever made and with this change came the amazing phenomenon called semantic search.Semantic search in Google’s hummingbird algorithm is meant to find out the literal intent of the searchers, in order to provide the searchers with the most relevant information which answers their question or questions. It is a holistic way of finding out the best information available intelligently with the help of artificial intelligence.
How does it improve and evolve Search Engine Optimization industry?
Semantic search takes into account a lot more than just the “Keywords” and the “Back Links”. The search engine optimization industry has been strongly driven by two of these most important factors which are believed to be highly responsible for top rankings and hence huge traffic. But this rigorous focus on just the links and the keywords by the website owners and webmasters, have resulted in spamming on the internet on a large scale, which of course affected search engine result quality.
Every business focused on the keywords and links more than anything else on the internet in order to top the rankings on major search engines, the searchers who are looking for the right information took the second seat. But it has all changed now, with the advent of hummingbird, as it has introduced semantic search to the world and especially, to the SEO industry. Now, the big word is the “INTENT” of the searcher rather than anything else, putting the searchers in the first position, second to none.
Semantic search is powered by Google’s knowledge graph and it is getting smarter every time we search for something, it learns and never forgets, it all adds to the knowledge graph creating millions of relevant connections within this graph. It is of utmost importance to evolving and improving the search engine optimization methods and strategies according to the current scenario of the search industry.
These days, SEO strategies should be developed in a holistic manner, taking the overall internet presence of a business into consideration and focusing on the intent of your target audience. Communication and connection with the target audience become inevitable in order to be found in the search results which are based on semantic search.
Content is the king and the king has become more powerful now, content is the mode of communication with the target audience, this communication takes place through social media networks and other important platforms on the internet. It is not only about spreading articles and posting on blogs, in fact, it is about actively participating in the conversations with the searchers or target audience in order to know them better and hence present them with the most relevant information they are searching for.
It is also of utmost importance that the internet marketers and SEOs understand how the Semantic Search actually works, so that, they could develop or evolve internet marketing strategies which complement the semantic search technology. There is no requirement of understanding the technologies involved in Google semantic search, but it will be more than enough to understand the working process of semantic search.
The core of semantic search work process is formed by Entity Extraction, entity could be anything, example, name, place, address, person or a thing and an appropriate entity is extracted to provide the searcher with an appropriate answer or the information and hence this process holds high importance for the SEOs or the marketers.
Entity Extraction Process takes into account the whole sentence (query) analysis and then, that query/ sentence is segmented into small parts (through a process called tokenization), at the same time takes place the comparison of value of data found on the internet. Once the query is broken through the process of tokenization and understood better, then speech tagging takes place in order to give value to the words according to the rules of language, which means, the words are understood better as verbs, nouns or adjectives etc.
Along with this process of entity detection, there is a parallel process that goes on, which searches the entire Internet through the linked data in order to find all the documents available relevant to the query, this collected data is then broken into small sets based on their relevance, these pieces are called tuples. When the results of both these processes are combined, we get an entity which is the most appropriate to answer the searcher’s query.
Understanding the evolution of semantic search is the best way to grow, for a business on the Internet. Its owners or webmasters or in-house team or hired SEO Company needs to give it the due emphasize.
Evolution of Indian SEO Industry
There is nothing denying the fact that there has been a problem of spamming and black hat SEO techniques in India, but things have started to improve, especially after the introduction of Google’s algorithm updates and changes. SEO companies have understood the importance of conforming to high-quality SEO standards suggested by the search engine giant.
The SEO industry here in India is evolving as it has never before; some good companies have shown faith in following genuine and high-quality work methods and strategies. Content occupies a large part in SEO strategies and Indian companies are working on improving themselves in this regard as well. They give emphasize to good quality and useful content which is to be used for SEO activities. Their perspective of looking at search engine optimization has been changing and now their focus is shifting from search engines only to people.
One of these inspired and contemporary companies is Webtech Mechanics Pvt Ltd (WTM), we at WTM focus on quality of our SEO work, all our SEO strategies are focused on Google’s webmaster guidelines and we give more importance to people while optimizing content of a website rather than search engines. We believe in creating value for people by offering them something of value from our holistic and semantic SEO efforts.?
We are proud to say that we are an India based SEO company offering its clients with holistic SEO and other internet marketing services. We are here to thrive and there is no room for low quality work in our organization.
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